Sponsored Products

Help Amazon customers discover and purchase the products you sell on Amazon with ads that appear in search results and on product pages.

This video shows the performance of an American advertiser's campaign.
The results shown here are not guaranteed on other marketplaces.

Getting started


Choose the products you want to advertise.


Choose the keywords to target and the amount of your click-bidding.


You can start with a small budget and create an advertisement in minutes.

Who can use Sponsored Products?

Sponsored Products is available to professional sellers, suppliers, book suppliers, and supplier representative agencies. Products must be in one or more eligible categories and be eligible for the Buy Box to be advertised.

How Sponsored Products works

Be visible

Ads appear where customers see them, such as on the first page of search results and product pages, boosting their visibility instantly.

Increase your sales

Sponsored Products can help you increase your sales on Amazon by reaching customers looking for products similar to yours and bringing them to your product page.

Manage your expenses

Ads are charged on a cost-per-click basis: you only pay when potential customers click on your ads. You manage your expenses by setting a budget and choosing the amount of bids per click.