Video ads

Tell your brand story with quality content displayed in trusted and secure environments on Amazon sites and elsewhere on the web.

This video shows the performance of an American advertiser's campaign.
The results shown here are not guaranteed on other marketplaces.

How video ads work

Reach relevant audiences

Go beyond traditional TV ads to share your brand message with relevant audiences in the many locations where they view content.

Influence, create loyalty, and connect

Video ads allow you to showcase your brand message or your products and services.

Appear in secure environments

Insert your brand message into quality content on the web and in trusted environments such as Amazon sites.

Who can buy video ads?

Businesses can purchase video ads regardless of whether they sell products on Amazon. Self-service Amazon DSP users can purchase and manage their own video campaigns, while people looking for a managed-service option can collaborate with our ad advisers. The managed-service option typically requires a minimum expense of €10,000

Pricing for video ads varies based on format and location.

Getting started

Contact an Amazon consultant to learn more about video ads.

Frequently asked questions

Where are customers redirected when they click on my ads?

For clickable video ads, the customer can be redirected to the product page on Amazon, your own website, or any other destination on the internet.